Diane Beard comb and shaper


Diane Beard comb and shaper

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Beard comb and shaper; great shaping tool for a variety of beards; perfect
for jaw, neck and cheek lines; can be used with razors, clippers, trimmers
and shears

Customer Reviews

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Samantha M.

So this story starts with me buying Diane as a gag gift from Duluth Trading company for my boyfriend because it was on sale for $0.97. At the time I did not realize how important this gift would be. My boyfriend instantly loved her- sometimes comparing who was more useful, her or I. She went everywhere with us- and I mean everywhere. He was in love. Until one day something tragic happens, she gets lost. After accusing me of taking her and hiding her, reminding me that that would not be funny, and searching everywhere high and low he was heartbroken at the loss of his close companion. So I took to Google and searched for the infamous Diane beard comb- I found them on bestclippers.com and ordered not one, not two, but FIVE individual Diane’s. They arrived incredibly fast and now I’m the hero of this story- and there is no longer a question as to who is better in the Diane vs me debate- we both know it’s me now. ;) This is the most popular comb in our home and my boyfriend does not go anywhere without it.?

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